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USPA Instructor Rating Courses for Coach, AFFI and Tandem


About SkydiveUni

The SkydiveUni team is a group of highly dedicated and experienced skydive instructors Examiners with decades of experience in training skydivers from beginners to the highest level of becoming Skydive Instructors.

Each team member has completed thousands of instructional jumps with hundreds of students and instructor candidates.

Our goal is combining the highest level of safety with fun and a positive learning experience.


Upcoming Courses

  • USPA coach rating course at Skydive Latvia
    14 May, 10:00 – 22 May, 19:00
    Skydive Latvia, Langači - Limbažu lidlauks, Limbaži, Limbažu pagasts, LV-4001, Latvia
    Email for more info

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