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UPT / USPA Tandem Rating

The Course


  • Hold a USPA D-license (or equivalent)

  • USPA Coach Rating (or equivalent)

  • minimum of 500 jumps

  • minimum of 3 years in the sport

  • Class III medical

  • UPT Sigma exam

If you are doing the USPA Tandem Rating​ at the same time your license and coach rating must be USPA.

  • Current USPA membership

  • USPA Tandem Rating exam

  • Have the pre-requisites of the USPA Tandem Rating signed off online


You need the UPT Sigma Manual, we recommend you to print this manual from United Parachute Technologies web page.

The Sigma test is al available on UPT's site, you must complete this test before arriving to the course. A current IRM (Instructional Rating Manual) and SIM (Skydivers Information Manual) for the course (if you doing USPA Rating also). Current means not older than 24 months. Free pdf files are available on USPA's website (


The course starts with verification of the requirements so bring your USPA membership card and logbook and the originals of all the documents mentioned above.

The first course day is a full day of classroom. On the 2nd days, we will cover all the EP's for Tandem, and with weather permission you will do 2  jumps (solo and passenger). 3rd day we will carry one with the rest of the evaluation jumps.

5 jumps total for UPT Tandem Rating

10 jumps total for USPA Tandem Rating.

UPT/USPA Tandem Rating: Text
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