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The Course


To participate in a USPA AFF rating course you need the following:

  • be 18 years old

  • USPA membership

  • USPA C-license. USPA only accepts USPA Licenses.

  • Hold a USPA Coach rating

  • if you hold the Coach rating for less than 12 months you need to have at least 500 jumps

  • Documentation of 6 hours of accumulated freefall time

  • Have the pre-requisites of the USPA AFFI Rating signed-off online


The course books for any USPA rating course are the SIM and IRM which can be downloaded from USPA web page. You are required to arrive at the course with the IRM written exam for that specific course completed. The IRM exams are open book tests.A score of 80 % is required to pass the exam.


The AFF proficiency card is now online.This card needs to be signed off at the pre-requisites before or during the course.

The signatures are valid for 24 months so don't worry about starting too early.The numbers on the back of the card are signed during the course by the Instructor Examiner. This is all marked on the card itself and is pretty much self explanatory.


After the first day of pre-course coaching, there is a full day of class. Once the class is completed we can start with evaluations. However, we allow candidates to continue to make practice jumps if they are not ready for the "hot jumps" yet. On average an AFF rating course takes 5-6 days to complete depending on the size of the group and weather conditions.

To pass the course you need to have a satisfactory score on:

  • Category C main side evaluation jump

  • Category C reserve side evaluation jump

  • Category D evaluation jump

  • Category C and D ground preparation

  • score 80 % on the IRM written exam

To get a satisfactory score on an evaluation jump you have to score 75 % satisfactory on the AFF in air evaluation form. You can find the evaluation forms in the IRM. The scoring will be explained to you during the AFF pre-course and you will know exactly what we are looking for.

USPA AFFI Rating: Text
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